Jon Cunningham

Author and Native San Diegan

This website is designed for my gardening and solar books. It includes the Interstate Water System (IWS) and other renewable energy options. Profits from these books and from bonus rewards support educating everyone about Solar and IWS.

Around My Garden in 80 Years

My Adventure with Soil, Sun & Water


The Covid-19 pandemic was a real eye opener for not only Americans but for the entire world. I was at Walter Andersen’s Nursery in San Diego in March of 2020 on the day that our governor mandated the stay-at-home policy and many businesses were forced to close. The nursery parking lot was jam packed and an employee told me that many people were concerned about the food supply and were starting backyard gardens. They had run out of my favorite corn seeds and potting soil and supplies were almost depleted. I had never composted above ground before but was now seriously considering doing just that. This book came about because I felt, especially new gardeners, would need some advice and help. It’s not just a book about gardening but has a central theme of sustainability and self-reliance.

Solar in San Diego

The Energy Enhancement Circle


Purchasing a solar system is one of the largest items you will buy and comparable to buying a car these days. We are constantly bombarded with ads, many of which led us to feel confused about which direction to go. How many panels do I need, how much do they cost, do I need a battery backup or a generator, who keeps track of what and how about rewards and rebates questions?

This short, easy to read book explains most everything you need to know about buying solar. It also explains how our severe water shortages are tied into electricity production problems. This information demonstrates how all this can be put back into balance. As you will see, it’s not complicated, no math and no headaches.

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Jon Cunningham

Meet Jon Cunningham

I was born and raised in San Diego and grew up helping my parents in their large organic garden. Fortunately, because of our wonderful Southern California climate, we were able to grow fruits and vegetables year round.  I had lots of pets and different hobbies but the “seed” was definitely planted in my mind about the benefits and pleasures of gardening.