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Author and Native San Diegan

This website is designed for my gardening and solar books. It includes the Interstate Water System (IWS) and other renewable energy options. Profits from these books and from bonus rewards support educating everyone about Solar and IWS.

Immunity Boosters Update

The definition of immunity in the booster context is “The ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitive white blood cells.” Boosters can come in many forms including perspiration (plain old sweat). There is an old saying “a little sweat never hurts anybody”. Perspiration and how it is linked with our immune system is very interesting. Proper sleep and lower stress levels, adequate exercise and for purposes of this blog good nutrition are also important. I can’t go further without mentioning worms because they are so important in the food chain mechanism but please don’t eat them or go by the old saying, “People don’t like me anymore so I think I’ll go eat some worms”. A future blog will cover the subject of worms and their role in this whole process of growing foods.

There are many fruits and vegetables that are good immune system boosters written about in my book.


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