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Interstate Water System (IWS)

Please read the introduction in the book Solar In San Diego. These were my original thoughts in January 2022 but before our water shortages became so severe.  I could not find any information online about redistribution of water. But I did find almost the exact same information online on 8/24/2022 by three authors with amazing credentials. You can find the article online under “Big Think” – May 26, 2021 titled “An “interstate water system” could fix the West’s water woes”.

The three authors are:
Joseph D. Schulman, M.D. a scientist, former professor, and Chairman of Genetics & IVF Institute, lives in the American East and West.

John P. Shaefer, Phd. is a chemist, former President of the University of Arizona and Chairman of REhnu, Inc.

Henry I. Miller is a physician, molecular biologist and Senior Fellow at the Pacific Research Institute.

I found each of these people online and Dr. Miller’s message back to me was there were no plans that he knew of to implement this critical project. After reading the new infrastructure deficit reduction bill I saw nothing about this either. In a nutshell they propose taking water from the Mississippi River or the Columbia River and piping it to places like Lake Powell and Lake Mead which already have the infrastructure in place to deliver water all over the Western states. The Mississippi has about 30 times the annual flow of the Colorado River and the Columbia has close to 10 times. Both rivers have water that runs directly into the ocean. They feel it would only take about 10 pumping stations to accomplish this and the power needed would come from the hydroelectricity from their dams. Our thoughts on this are that this project would be no bigger than President Eisenhower’s Transcontinental Highway System or President Roosevelt’s Panama Canal and probably smaller.

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