Jon Cunningham

Author and Native San Diegan

This website is designed for my gardening and solar books. It includes the Interstate Water System (IWS) and other renewable energy options. Profits from these books and from bonus rewards support educating everyone about Solar and IWS.

New Legislation

The new legislation restores a 30% federal tax credit for customers who install rooftop solar. The previous tax credit was 26% for 2022, 22% for 2023 but the 30% now is for 2024 and the next 10 years. This is called The Residential Clean

Energy Credit. It will drop to 26% in 2033 and to 22% in 2034. Commercial businesses also receive a 30% tax credit for the next decade. This also includes installation of home battery storage with more than 3 kilowatt- hours of capacity.

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