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This website is designed for my gardening and solar books. It includes the Interstate Water System (IWS) and other renewable energy options. Profits from these books and from bonus rewards support educating everyone about Solar and IWS.

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California is one of the nations leaders of daily news about climate related topics including its three mainstays, solar, wind and hydroelectric. These topics will be discussed regularly along with fossil fules and infrastructure. The recently passed Federal law called The Inflation Reduction Act is a massive piece of legislation – 756 pages long – covering multiple things like climate and clean energy projects, including incentives for installing rooftop solar and purchasing electric vehicles (EV’s).


     TIRED of ever increasing SDG&E bills? The time to act is now if you are considering a solar system for your home because the deadline is April 13th 2023 to reap the present benefits of having net metering. My book “Solar in San Diego” can be read free online at by just clicking on HOME and scrolling down to READ NOW. By clicking to the right and left of the book the pages will automatically flip either way.
     NET METERING is the process by which the utility keeps track of how much electricity we use or need, Extra electricity we produce is given back to us at the present rate. The new law states the present rate can only be maintained and be covered for people that already have solar by April 13th. After that date this all changes, where the amount paid to the homeowners decreases considerably. This is called the grandfather clause and instead of having solar and being on net metering 1 or 2 you will be on net metering 3 which means you will be penalized by putting you on NM3 which means you will be paid approximately 75% reduction for energy generation.
     We installed solar 4 years ago on our Point Loma Heights home and used Vivint solar which has been purchased by Sunrun, the largest solar company in the US with over 700,000 customers. Sunrun pays us $1000 for referrals upon installation and we give $500 back to the customer.
     You can read about the different plans available in my book. Our Sunrun rep is Trevor Cunningham (no relation) at [email protected] I have had to do a lot of research and I am very comfortable with recommending Sunrun. Trevor is a good communicator and you can email him with any questions you have about a possible solar system for your home. Trevor did say if you want to use Sunrun you must sign an agreement by March 31st (not April 13th). Sunrun cannot guarantee net metering 2 on deals signed after 3/31/23 due to operational backlog. If you decide to go with Sunrun, email my name to Trevor so you will be recorded by Sunrun and us to be sure you get your $500 reward.

     Jon Cunningham


It’s Hard Being Green

Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the older woman, that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren't good for the environment. The woman apologized and explained, "We didn't have this green thing back in my earlier days."...

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